4 Tips for Choosing the Best Limo Service in San Diego

Taking a limo takes any special occasion and makes it even more special. That is if you work with the best limo rental in San Diego that doesn’t screw you over. Often it is hard to tell if you are getting a good deal with a limo rental. Most people look at price, but how can true value be measured without knowing all the bells and whistles, features, and other information paramount to getting a great limo with all the amenities you desire at an amazing rate. Here are four tips to help you choose the best limo rental in San Diego.


 Does the Limo Driver Know San Diego Inside and Out?

Sure, there every limo and phone has a GPS but if the driver doesn’t know all the shortcuts or city habits your special occasion can be met with some hiccups. If there is an auto accident and the main route is backed up, knowing which alleyways to take or side streets can save an abundance of time. If you want to head to Ocean Beach for a special dinner with a loved one, but the driver doesn’t know about the street fair taking place on that same night, you can be in for an annoying traffic jam and time-consuming detour. Work with a limo company whose drivers are San Diego natives and know the city like the back of their hand versus a bunch of GPS monkeys who take orders from a talking box.

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 Look for a Limo Company that Offers Awesome Amenities

The best limo service will offer customized touches to make your experience in your limo more in line with your heart’s desires and interests. Are you planning a long drive out of town but don’t want to miss the game? Ask for satellite TV service. Do you have a sweet tooth and want your limo guests to indulge in a sugar coma? Ask the limo company to create a virtual candy store in the vehicle. Perhaps you just want some standard amenities like champagne service or food? Make sure your limo company can provide these things, but be prepared to potentially pay for it (at a reasonable cost of course).

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 Make Sure the Cost is Justified

You may see a limo rate that looks too good to be true, and if so it probably is. Will an old limo from the 70s with a musky smell and no fringe really help celebrate your special day? However, this doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune to get what you want. Look for limo companies that offer reasonably priced upgrades; compare costs if you were to pay for independent services and if the limo rental stays below 20% on the service fee then you are getting a good deal.

limo sports events san diego

 Will the Limo Driver Wait for You?

The last thing you need is to have a few too many Moscow Mules and head outside to go home but the limo driver decided to go off and do his own thing. Make sure the San Diego limo company has drivers willing to sit and wait at the venue. It is normal to pay hourly rates or nightly rates. Just make sure the driver is there to wait on you and not entertain himself by running off to explore local taco trucks on your dime.


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How a San Diego Limo Rental can Make Your Holidays Even Better

The holidays are almost upon us, and we are well under way getting into the swing of holiday cheer. But did you know that renting a San Diego limo can amp up the festivities no matter what you have on your holiday agenda? With all the traditional holiday events, activities and fun things to do in San Diego, the opportunities for incorporating limousine service are multiple. Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning.

best limo

Caroling with Style

Nothing seems more heart warming over the holidays than hearing the melodious lull of ‘Silent Night’ or the snappy vibe of ‘Jingle Bells’ coming from the street as you begin to wind down for the evening. Yet driving from block to block and from one neighborhood to another with multiple cars can be tiring. If you and your group plan to go caroling consider renting a limo. Simply give your driver the list of stops, and kick back in total stress-free comfort with a glass of eggnog as you drive to each stop to spread the holiday joy.

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Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

Shopping for those presents that go under the tree or for Hanukkah is stressful, especially once you are well into December. Parking is a nightmare, traffic is terrible, and the stress of driving through holiday shopping traffic can impact your ability to stay focused and have fun when you shop. Let your limo driver deal with the chaos on the roads and parking. Enjoy a luxurious limo ride to Horton Plaza, Fashion Valley and the outlets while you sip tea and eat holiday cookies in the back of your luxurious limo.

limo in San Diego

Surprising Your Loved One

The holiday season is the busiest time for air travel, and if you have family coming in from out of town just imagine their surprise and delight at being picked up in a limo at the airport. Dealing with airports is annoying, and flying is stressful. Rent a limo and head over to San Diego Airport to pick up your loved ones. Then have your driver take you and your family to a nice restaurant for dinner before dropping you all off at home.

best limo rental

Take a Limo for a Holiday Light Tour

Many families share the time honored tradition of driving through various neighborhoods known for decorating their houses to the gills with lights and holiday lawn displays. The only problems are that traffic can be heavy and the driver doesn’t get to see everything in detail as the passengers do. Consider renting a limousine to tour the various neighborhoods on a peaceful night drive to take in the glimmering lights. This way there will be no odd man out stuck behind the wheel, and you can kick back in style looking at your creative community member’s homes while having hot chocolate with your loved ones.

San Diego limos

Take a Limo to Julian

Julian may be known for its apple pie and wines, but during the holiday season it transforms into a virtual Santa’s Village. Hire a limo to take you and your loved ones on a fun day trip to Julian to behold all the holiday decorations, lights, and seasonal themed shops. The ride there is scenic, peaceful, and the scent of burning fire places and pine trees lend to the overall experience.


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5 Tips for Hiring the Best San Diego Limo Service

Nothing makes a special day even more special than hiring a limousine, and if you live in San Diego the county is oversaturated with choices. Finding the right San Diego limo service both ensures you have the best time possible, and at a great price. But how do you know which limo company is legit from the ones that offer poor service at unfair rates? Follow these five tips and you will find the best San Diego limo rental to add luxury and value to your celebration.

low cost llimo

1. Understand Limo Rates

Price doesn’t indicate value. Make sure you ask your San Diego limousine rental to provide a breakdown of the costs. For example, a limo fee might seem high at surface level, but if it includes champagne, snacks, and multiple stops it could be an amazing deal. On the flip side you may find a limo rate that seems too good to be true, and chances are it is. In many cases people have booked cheap limo rentals, and when the car arrives it is an old model limousine with no extras.

san diego limousines rental

2. Make Sure the Limo Company has Multiple Vehicle Types

Established high-quality limo service providers have impressive fleets and not just two or three cars. From a classic Rolls to a modern stretched Hummer, to a timeless Town Car limo, a great company offers various models to fit any taste of lifestyle. For example, business events typically opt for the Rolls or Town Car, while bridal shower parties go for the Hummer. Be sure to call a few months in advance with your date to ensure there is a car in a limousine fleet offering a wide selection that meets all of your needs and is available.

Limo service in San Diego

3. Read Customer Reviews

Other customers have no incentive to leave good or bad reviews; they are simply expressing gratitude or disgust. See if the limo provider has testimonials. If not, try using free social mentioning software to see what people are saying about the limo company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. If enough people are showing lots of fun pictures and clearly had a good time, then it’s safe to bet the company will give you the same level of fun.


4. Ask About the Drivers

Be sure to go with a limo company that forces its drivers to have safe driving records. The last thing you need is a reckless driver who gets into an auto accident while your daughter and her friends are celebrating her birthday. You should also ask if they do regular drug screenings to ensure their drivers are safe and responsible. Finally, enquire about the driver’s personalities. You want someone who is fun, but who doesn’t intrude on your private time with friends and family. It is also nice to know that the driver looks out for his passengers and keeps their safety at the highest level of concern.

San Diego limo services save money

5. Ask About Additional Charges and Policies

Some limo companies have policies where customers can be charged for additional items. For example, if you have too much to drink and spew vomit all over the interior, you may be subjected to paying the cleaning bill. Some limos also stock up with food and drinks, but charge you for them. Other companies will charge customers for any damage done to the car like damage to the leather seats from a stiletto heel causing a tear. You wouldn’t like it if someone entered your business and caused damage; you would want them to pay for the damage. Limo companies have the same right. Just make sure you ask about these policies and understand them, especially if your group is prone to causing damage–this way there won’t be any surprises on your credit card bill!


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4 Not So Obvious Times When You Should Hire a Limousine

When we think of hiring a San Diego limousine, certain events will naturally come to mind: weddings, proms, and bachelorette parties just to name a few. But there are other not so obvious occasions where hiring a limo will take a special occasion and make it even more memorable. Here are four great ideas to honor a special person in your life on occasions where a limo rental would mark the day in their memory for the rest of their life.

san diego limo services

1. When Your Kid Gets Accepted to College

Applying to colleges is stressful and scary. It marks the start to a new (and very important) chapter in one’s life, and where you go to school and what you major in often has a huge impact on your future lifestyle and ability to support yourself. When your son or daughter gets that acceptance letter in the mail, why not celebrate with a special day to honor their life’s path. You can hire a San Diego limo and surprise your child with a luxurious day filled with a trip to a day spa, then off for lunch, followed by a concert or show.

limo in san diego

2. Sweet Sixteen

If your daughter is about to turn 16, renting a limousine and taking her on a shopping trip would be any teenage girl’s dream. Surprise her with a limo arriving at your front door. Then enjoy tea service on your ride to Horton Plaza, followed by a drive to Fashion Valley, and then out to the Las Americas Premium Outlets for high fashion at discount prices. The limo ride will mark her passage into an age where greater responsibilities come into life by awarding her with sophistication and class. A limo ride in between shopping trips will put her over the moon, and define a day she will never forget.

limos in san diego

3. Prison Release

No judgement; sometimes good people make bad choices, and they pay for it by doing some jail time. If your loved one is due to be released, imagine his or her excitement and new outlook on life by being picked up in a limo. Prison is not pleasant and it offers the minimum essentials. Stepping from that reality, into one of luxury and high-class can be a great way to let them know that they can begin a new chapter in life with optimism and hope. Take your loved one out for a nice meal, or to get a makeover. Just make sure you use a limo, and the day will truly be marked as a special, loving way to invite change into your special person’s life.

affordable limo service

4. Having a Major Surgery

Undergoing a major surgery is stressful. In fact, multiple studies show that patients have a better recovery and time in surgery when they are relaxed and optimistic. Simply renting a limo for an hour to take your loved one to the hospital would be a welcomed surprise and have a powerful impact on their mentality. Being surrounded by loved ones while riding in a luxurious stretched limo will let the person know just how loved they are, and the shock of the wonderful surprise will help settle down some of their fear and anxiety.

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4 Things To Consider When Hiring Limo Services

Unless you are ridiculously wealthy, you aren’t going to take a limousine everywhere you go. When people hire limo services it is because they want to treat themselves, or because they want to make a special event all the more special. When you decide that hiring a San Diego limo service will enhance your date night, or make a guy’s night out all the more fun, there are some things to consider to ensure you truly get the best service. Here are four things to be on the lookout for when shopping for limo services.

San Diego limo services.

How Much does it Cost to Rent a Limo?

There are a lot of complaints in the limousine rental industry made by unhappy customers who claim they were ripped off. To avoid joining their ranks, make sure you understand how each limo company charges their clients. While some have set rates per excursion, others have hourly rates. Some limo companies also charge overages. This is not a bad thing. Overages protect the client and the company. As a client you know you have the freedom to stay in the club as long as you like, and the overage protect the limo driver ensuring he gets paid for his time. You also want to find out if drinks and food are included in the price. Just make sure the limo company you consider hiring thoroughly explains how their pricing works and that you find their structure agreeable.

Hummer H2 stretched limo

What Kind of Vehicles are in the Fleet?

You want to make sure the limo company has a fleet of vehicles that appeal to multiple tastes, especially your own. Some limo companies have several cars, but they are duplicates of the same vehicle or there just isn’t much variety. The limo company you hire should have popular limousines in a variety of styles. Today’s best limo companies offer Hummer H2 stretched limos, Krystal stretched limousines, Krystal Ford Excursion stretched vehicles, and the ever classy Lincoln Towncar sedans.

Safe limo drivers

Who is Your Limo Driver?

When interviewing limo service providers, make sure the driver will accommodate your needs and wants. You should speak up and let the limo provider know exactly what type of driver you desire, and they should be able to accommodate you. Some people ask for drivers who are funny and animated who aren’t afraid to engage with the passengers, while others ask for drivers who completely leave them alone. Some customers also ask for male or female drivers. Groups of women will sometimes ask for a male driver because it gives them a greater sense of safety in the event someone hassles them in the parking lot, while others simply feel more comfortable with a female driver. You should also make sure the driver has a valid license and a perfect safety record. It is your experience, so make sure you get a driver who will meet and exceed your expectations.

best limo service

Flexibility and those Important Little Extras

When you are out for a fun day or to have an amazing night on the town, it is only natural to be spontaneous. If your plans aren’t cemented in stone, make sure to hire a limo company that offers flexibility. You may decide you want the driver to head to a completely different destination, or make stops to get food or do some shopping. Life is full of surprises, so prepare for them by ensuring your driver will take you wherever you want to go if the agenda strays from what was previously discussed.

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Five Fun Ways to Use San Diego Limo Services Before Summer Ends

Summer and San Diego go hand-in-hand; it seems the entire county is outfitted with so many amazing destination ideas for hot summer days that you could do something new every day of summer from start to finish. Summer ends at the end of September, and with roughly six weeks left, why not plan some adventures by renting an affordable San Diego limo so you can enjoy your day trips in high style and luxury? Here are five ideas to get your imagination turning.

San Diego limo rentals

1. Go Surfing, In Style

Why not tie your board to the top of a stretch limo and hit a few surfing hot spots? Kick back in a luxurious limousine in your comfy board shorts, and have the driver take you and your friends to a few of your favorite places to catch waves. You can plan the entire day out and hot La Jolla Shores Beach, Tourmaline Surfing Park, Windansea Beach and end the day at Black’s Beach along the scenic Torrey Pines drive where you can witness gorgeous sunsets!

limo to Coronado Island

2. Take a Limo to Coronado Island

Nothing says Summer in San Diego like spending the day on Coronado Island. Take a limo to the famous Hotel Del Coronado for brunch; enjoy mimosas and eggs benedict with panoramic ocean views and then head to the hotel’s spa for a massage. When you are done walk out onto Imperial Beach and enjoy a nice sunny day basking in the rays in between a few dips in the sea.

limo service to Julian, CA

3. Head Up to Julian

Taking a limo ride to Julian is pure relaxation; enjoy the lush comfort of a limousine while watching the beautiful scenery pass on by. Stop at the Wolf Sanctuary to see various breeds of gorgeous wolfs before heading into the town center. Once you get there ask your driver to wait while you go enjoy some famous locally made apple pie. Explore the quaint shops and be sure to try some local cider and wines.

take a limo to hiking trails

4. Posh Hiking

Pack your snack, step-tracker and water bottles for the limo if you want to ride burn calories all day while indulging in pure class. There are numerous hiking trails you complete while taking a limo to and fro. Start with Mission Trails-Kwaay Peak and then hop in your limo and cruise over to Mount Woodson Trail while you hydrate and eat granola bowls on the way. Then head west to the Miner’s Ridge Loop Trail and enjoy stunning views from the 2.7 mile trail ideal for hikers of all skill levels. This is a perfect hiking trail to end the day, as it is known for having an abundance of wild flowers and woodland creatures scampering about.

take a limo beer tasting

5. Take a Limo on a Craft Beer Tour

Nothing says summer like a crisp, refreshing beer on a hot day, so why not have several and let your limo driver get you to all the breweries safe and sound. You can hire a limo for touring craft breweries; head to North County San Diego for classic breweries like Lost Abbey, Mother Earth and Belching Beaver. Then ask your limo driver to strategically plan the best way to hit all your favorites like Ballast Point, Fall Brewing, Mission Brewing and many more!


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5 Places to View July 4th Fireworks Using San Diego Limo Services

The Fourth of July is upon us, and whether you are the kind of person who partakes in backyard barbeques or family softball games, everyone loves a good fireworks show at the end of the day. Why not make the event even more special by hiring San Diego limo services to celebrate America’s independence? Here are five top places for viewing fireworks in San Diego, from the comfort of a luxurious limousine.

san diego limo services

1. Take a Limo to Seaworld

Whether you take a limo to Seaworld right when the gates open for a day of enslaved dolphin-watching, or you just head over in the evening to take in the fireworks, you will enjoy this fireworks location, especially if you enjoy fireworks set to music. The park has, for years, run a 15-minute show of big fireworks set to a musical soundtrack. You can watch the fireworks from your limo in the main parking lot, or anywhere in the immediate area, though your ability to hear the music may be jeopardized.

limo to ocean beach.

2. Cruise Over to Ocean Beach in Your Limo

You can take a limo to Ocean Beach and enjoy the unique boutique shops along Neptune Avenue, picnic on the beach, and swim in the sea all day long before the sun sets. Watching fireworks from the pier is a crowd favorite, but if you don’t favor the crowds consider taking a limo up to the residential block overlooking the pier and enjoy a spectacular view of the big show in the sky.

limo to Del Mar.

3. Take a Limo to the County Fair

Located at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, the San Diego County Fair is a great place for celebrating Independence Day, and they put on a pretty amazing fireworks display. Take a limo to the fair to enjoy games, amazing food, and multiple forms of entertainment. Then retreat back to the limo to view the fireworks show in comfortable privacy with the one you love.

Coronado July 4th limo ride

4. Take a Limo Over the Bay Bridge to Coronado

Show your red, white and blue pride in the Crown City, and enjoy the spectacular fireworks show Coronado is known for. Even if you plan on spending the day on the island, there are many things to do before the fireworks start. Explore the famous Hotel Del Coronado and book a massage at their day spa. Take in some shopping, visit local art galleries, and have a picnic on Imperial Beach. Then watch the fireworks over Glorietta Bay.

take a limo to La Jolla Cove.

5. Take a Limo to La Jolla Cove

Parking around La Jolla Cove on July 4th is harder than mastering astrophysics. If you want to spend a day in La Jolla, consider having the limo drop you off at the cove for a day of snorkeling the crystal clear waters, or visit the Scripps Aquarium to discover the local marine life while staying dry. Then at night take your limo to Ellen Browning Scripps Park to view the fireworks all in a picturesque background to die for.

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4 Cool Father’s Day Trip Ideas in a San Diego Limo

Father’s Day is approaching, and why not go all out this year and show Dad just how much you care! Remember the time stood up for you when Mom wanted to take away your girly magazines? What about the time Dad took you to the game instead of your uncle? Now you are a grown man making a living while Dad is winding down, so why not look into San Diego limo services to take you and Dad out for a special Father’s Day he will never forget? Here are 5 cool Father’s Day trip ideas you can take in a San Diego limo with dear old dad.

limo to padres game

1. Take a Limo to the Padres Game, Then Dinner in the Gas Lamp

 Did Dad spend Sundays playing catch with you in the back yard? Why not play “catch up” by taking a San Diego limo to Petco Park for some Padres baseball. The limo can conveniently drop you off at your gate and pick you up, removing the stress of parking and fighting crowds. Then head a few blocks down to one of many exciting Gaslamp District restraints for dinner and finish the day in style.

limousines in san diego

2. Take a Limo to the Nudie Bars

 Is Dad single again? Why not hire a limousine in San Diego and take him to a few nudie bars frequented by America’s finest local U.S. Marines and Navy men? The nudity rules in San Diego don’t allow the same wildness one could experience in Las Vegas, so heading to a local girlie show won’t be so extreme that it might make you feel awkward sitting next to Dad, but show just enough to give the old guy a good time. Have your limo take you to a few, and then go finish the evening at a tequila bar!

San Diego limo service for beer tours

3. Take a Limo on a Craft Beer Tour

 Nothing says “I love you Dad” like sharing a few brewskis, so why not take Dad out for the best beer in the world? That’s right; San Diego’s craft beer circuit has not only been honored as the best in America, but many of these breweries have won international beer awards in Germany and Belgium making San Diego a beer lover’s paradise. From North Park to Downtown, to North County San Diego, the craft breweries are plentiful each offering their own specialty. By taking a limo you will have the freedom to drink as much as you want AND relax having great conversations with dad from one location to the next versus fighting traffic on edge.

limos in san diego

4. Hire a Limo to Honor His Military Service

If Dad is a veteran, than you know all too well how hard it is to jungle being a good day with a military career or stent of service. Let Dad know that you appreciate this, and hire a limo in San Diego to take the two of you down to tour the USS Midway–the aircraft carrier that saw several wars and now exists on the Embarcadero as a floating museum lined with the greatest aircrafts of the past. Conclude the day by taking the limo to the tip of Point Loma to take in spectacular panoramic views of the city, including the Naval institutes and active battleships.


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5 Cool San Diego Limo Service Day Trips

As one of America’s most popular cities, San Diego is known for its beautiful weather, friendly people, and proximity to many fun and exciting activities. Because of this, many residents and visitors choose to take day trips so they can see the many wonders nearby. However, rather than simply hop into their own cars for their trip, more and more people are instead choosing to go in style by renting a limo. Not only does this add a touch of class and elegance to your day trip, but it also lets you and your friends sit back, see the sights, and enjoy the day in the lap of luxury. If this sounds like the perfect way to spend a day, rent a San Diego limousine and take advantage of these five cool day trips.

San Diego limos

Take a Limo to Julian

Only one hour away from San Diego, Julian is a spot that has gained acclaim worldwide for its delicious apples. A popular destination for both residents and tourists, Julian can be a great way to spend the day in a quiet, out-of-the-way spot where you can enjoy apple cider, apple pies, or a variety of other pies as well. So if you’re ready to put your diet aside for a day and enjoy a piece or two of pie with your friends, look at the various limo companies in San Diego and choose the one that will give you the best price for a day trip to Julian.

san diego limo to temecula

Take a Limo to go Wine Tasting in Temecula

Also only one hour from San Diego, Temecula is a spot where you can enjoy a variety of activities. Once you’ve used one of the best San Diego limo services to Temecula in style, you and your companions can choose what you want to do first. If you’ve brought along your golf clubs, you can try sinking a putt or two at one of the many championship-level golf courses in the area. Or if you prefer, you can take a leisurely stroll through this quaint little town and visit the numerous wineries and craft breweries, sampling the seemingly endless varieties of beer and wine. And to end your day on a high note, hop into a hot-air balloon and get a bird’s-eye view of the area.

San Diego best limos

Limo Ride to San Juan Capistrano

If you love Native American culture and other history, pick out one of the best limo companies in San Diego and head to San Juan Capistrano. Along with visiting the historic Mission located there, you can get some great exercise by hiking on the many trails located nearby. Or if you’d rather spend the day enjoying some quiet time, simply tour the downtown area and do a bit of shopping, or stop in a museum or art shop to admire the many aspects of Spanish culture associated with the area. And of course, you may even catch a glimpse of a swallow or two if you’re lucky.

luxury limos in San Diego

Limo Service from San Diego to Palm Springs

When it comes to luxurious surroundings near San Diego, there’s no place better than Palm Springs. Know as the most popular getaway for folks in Southern California, Palm Springs has a variety of mid-century modern boutique hotels that showcase the charm and style that can only be found in Palm Springs. If you’d like, spend the day lounging by the pool, hoping to catch a glimpse of a Hollywood celebrity. Or if you want a truly unique experience, visit a nearby spa or one of the hot springs so you can find the fountain of youth. In addition to all this, Palm Springs is also known as a very diverse community, and thus has a very large and welcoming gay scene. No matter how you choose to spend your day, there’s no doubt renting a San Diego limousine and heading to Palm Springs will be the experience of a lifetime.

san diego limo service

Limo Service to Disneyland

If you’d like to arrive in style in a stretch limo from one of the many San Diego limo services available in the city, you can take the two-hour trip to Disneyland and let your inner child loose for the day. Since this attraction is located so close to San Diego, many people choose to purchase an annual pass, letting them enjoy one day trip after another to the home of Mickey Mouse and his friends. Along with the many rides and attractions available in the park, be sure to sample the many great foods. And of course, don’t leave without buying a pair of mouse ears, which you can wear all the way home.

Whether you head to luxurious Palm Springs to lounge by the pool, Temecula for a hot-air balloon ride, or Disneyland to say hello to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, there’s no doubt renting a cool San Diego limousine will let you enjoy these and other day trips in style, elegance, and comfort.

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Avoid High Limo Bills: 5 Things You Never Want to Do in a Limousine

When you rent a limousine, it’s because you’ve got something to celebrate. Whether it’s a night on the town with your significant other, a trip with your buddies to a big game, or a tour of wineries or craft breweries, a limo ride is always something special. However, when it comes time to book your limo, there are some important points you need to keep in mind. Whether it involves pricing, ensuring you get the actual limo you booked, or some unexpected charges with food or beverages, making sure you’ve paid attention to the details prior to your ride can result in a smooth ride rather than one that hits more than a few bumps along the way. If you’re planning on hiring limo services in San Diego, here are five things you never want to do in a limousine.

Limo in San Diego

Getting the Right Limo

When you contact San Diego limo companies and request a certain type of limo, you automatically assume you’ll get what you request. However, if you’re a novice when it comes to renting limos, you may find yourself in for a bit of a surprise when your limo pulls up to the curb. Rather than having that sparkling new customized limo you picked out, you may find yourself staring at an older model that’s seen much better days. To make sure San Diego limo companies send you the limo you’re expecting, always request the ID number of the vehicle as well as photos of the interior and exterior.

low cost llimo

Don’t Get Overcharged

While virtually all San Diego limo companies charge fair and reasonable rates, now and then you may run into one that’s just out to make a buck or two. Since getting overcharged is a big concern for customers, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, it’s important to know when the meter starts ticking on your San Diego limo prices. For example, some rentals charge from the time they pick you up until you’re dropped off, while others charge a flat hourly rate. Whatever prices your limo services in San Diego charge, make sure you’re clear on them from the beginning. Otherwise, that extra hour or two you spend riding around town may become very expensive.

limo charges

Food and Beverage Charges

When you rent your limo, make sure your food and beverage needs are included in the contract. Whether you request food and beverages or not, have that provision included in your contract. If you don’t, you’ll either be paying for food and drinks you don’t need, or you’ll have your taste buds ready for some great food during your ride but have nothing waiting for you. A common disagreement in limo rentals, it’s one that can be easily taken care of when finalizing the deal.

tipping the limo driver

To Tip or Not to Tip?

As with any service business, tips can play a big part in helping to ensure your evening is a memorable one. In many service agreements, the limo company will automatically include a gratuity of 15-20 percent for the driver. To keep from handing over a gratuity twice, be sure you’re clear about this from the beginning. However, even if your gratuity is included in the overall price, that doesn’t mean you still can’t dip into your pocket once or twice to show your appreciation. If you’ve got a limo driver that’s one in a million, reward them for helping you have an outstanding evening. By doing so, not only will you have a very happy limo driver, but you’ll also come off looking like the wild and wonderful big spender you’ve always wanted to be.

tv service in your limo

Satellite TV and Internet Access

Since the vast majority of today’s luxury limousines are equipped with satellite TV and internet access, the sky is the limit when it comes to entertainment. However, before signing on the dotted line, make sure the price you’ve paid includes you and your friends having unlimited access to these services. If your agreement does not include access to these services and you use them anyway, the bill for your evening could increase substantially, creating an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. Therefore, make sure you and your entourage can watch a big game or favorite movie while basking in the life of luxury.

Whether you’re enjoying a birthday bash, a ride to a sold-out concert, or an all-day tour of various craft breweries, making sure the best San Diego limo service provider offers prices you’ve agreed to include everything you expect can ensure your limo ride will go exactly as planned. By taking care of the details beforehand, there’s no doubt you’ll be ready to paint the town red when your limo pulls up at your home. And remember, just as it is with a trip to Vegas, whatever happens in the limo stays in the limo.

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