5 Cool San Diego Limo Service Day Trips

As one of America’s most popular cities, San Diego is known for its beautiful weather, friendly people, and proximity to many fun and exciting activities. Because of this, many residents and visitors choose to take day trips so they can see the many wonders nearby. However, rather than simply hop into their own cars for their trip, more and more people are instead choosing to go in style by renting a limo. Not only does this add a touch of class and elegance to your day trip, but it also lets you and your friends sit back, see the sights, and enjoy the day in the lap of luxury. If this sounds like the perfect way to spend a day, rent a San Diego limousine and take advantage of these five cool day trips.

San Diego limos

Take a Limo to Julian

Only one hour away from San Diego, Julian is a spot that has gained acclaim worldwide for its delicious apples. A popular destination for both residents and tourists, Julian can be a great way to spend the day in a quiet, out-of-the-way spot where you can enjoy apple cider, apple pies, or a variety of other pies as well. So if you’re ready to put your diet aside for a day and enjoy a piece or two of pie with your friends, look at the various limo companies in San Diego and choose the one that will give you the best price for a day trip to Julian.

san diego limo to temecula

Take a Limo to go Wine Tasting in Temecula

Also only one hour from San Diego, Temecula is a spot where you can enjoy a variety of activities. Once you’ve used one of the best San Diego limo services to Temecula in style, you and your companions can choose what you want to do first. If you’ve brought along your golf clubs, you can try sinking a putt or two at one of the many championship-level golf courses in the area. Or if you prefer, you can take a leisurely stroll through this quaint little town and visit the numerous wineries and craft breweries, sampling the seemingly endless varieties of beer and wine. And to end your day on a high note, hop into a hot-air balloon and get a bird’s-eye view of the area.

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Limo Ride to San Juan Capistrano

If you love Native American culture and other history, pick out one of the best limo companies in San Diego and head to San Juan Capistrano. Along with visiting the historic Mission located there, you can get some great exercise by hiking on the many trails located nearby. Or if you’d rather spend the day enjoying some quiet time, simply tour the downtown area and do a bit of shopping, or stop in a museum or art shop to admire the many aspects of Spanish culture associated with the area. And of course, you may even catch a glimpse of a swallow or two if you’re lucky.

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Limo Service from San Diego to Palm Springs

When it comes to luxurious surroundings near San Diego, there’s no place better than Palm Springs. Know as the most popular getaway for folks in Southern California, Palm Springs has a variety of mid-century modern boutique hotels that showcase the charm and style that can only be found in Palm Springs. If you’d like, spend the day lounging by the pool, hoping to catch a glimpse of a Hollywood celebrity. Or if you want a truly unique experience, visit a nearby spa or one of the hot springs so you can find the fountain of youth. In addition to all this, Palm Springs is also known as a very diverse community, and thus has a very large and welcoming gay scene. No matter how you choose to spend your day, there’s no doubt renting a San Diego limousine and heading to Palm Springs will be the experience of a lifetime.

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Limo Service to Disneyland

If you’d like to arrive in style in a stretch limo from one of the many San Diego limo services available in the city, you can take the two-hour trip to Disneyland and let your inner child loose for the day. Since this attraction is located so close to San Diego, many people choose to purchase an annual pass, letting them enjoy one day trip after another to the home of Mickey Mouse and his friends. Along with the many rides and attractions available in the park, be sure to sample the many great foods. And of course, don’t leave without buying a pair of mouse ears, which you can wear all the way home.

Whether you head to luxurious Palm Springs to lounge by the pool, Temecula for a hot-air balloon ride, or Disneyland to say hello to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, there’s no doubt renting a cool San Diego limousine will let you enjoy these and other day trips in style, elegance, and comfort.

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Avoid High Limo Bills: 5 Things You Never Want to Do in a Limousine

When you rent a limousine, it’s because you’ve got something to celebrate. Whether it’s a night on the town with your significant other, a trip with your buddies to a big game, or a tour of wineries or craft breweries, a limo ride is always something special. However, when it comes time to book your limo, there are some important points you need to keep in mind. Whether it involves pricing, ensuring you get the actual limo you booked, or some unexpected charges with food or beverages, making sure you’ve paid attention to the details prior to your ride can result in a smooth ride rather than one that hits more than a few bumps along the way. If you’re planning on hiring limo services in San Diego, here are five things you never want to do in a limousine.

Limo in San Diego

Getting the Right Limo

When you contact San Diego limo companies and request a certain type of limo, you automatically assume you’ll get what you request. However, if you’re a novice when it comes to renting limos, you may find yourself in for a bit of a surprise when your limo pulls up to the curb. Rather than having that sparkling new customized limo you picked out, you may find yourself staring at an older model that’s seen much better days. To make sure San Diego limo companies send you the limo you’re expecting, always request the ID number of the vehicle as well as photos of the interior and exterior.

low cost llimo

Don’t Get Overcharged

While virtually all San Diego limo companies charge fair and reasonable rates, now and then you may run into one that’s just out to make a buck or two. Since getting overcharged is a big concern for customers, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, it’s important to know when the meter starts ticking on your San Diego limo prices. For example, some rentals charge from the time they pick you up until you’re dropped off, while others charge a flat hourly rate. Whatever prices your limo services in San Diego charge, make sure you’re clear on them from the beginning. Otherwise, that extra hour or two you spend riding around town may become very expensive.

limo charges

Food and Beverage Charges

When you rent your limo, make sure your food and beverage needs are included in the contract. Whether you request food and beverages or not, have that provision included in your contract. If you don’t, you’ll either be paying for food and drinks you don’t need, or you’ll have your taste buds ready for some great food during your ride but have nothing waiting for you. A common disagreement in limo rentals, it’s one that can be easily taken care of when finalizing the deal.

tipping the limo driver

To Tip or Not to Tip?

As with any service business, tips can play a big part in helping to ensure your evening is a memorable one. In many service agreements, the limo company will automatically include a gratuity of 15-20 percent for the driver. To keep from handing over a gratuity twice, be sure you’re clear about this from the beginning. However, even if your gratuity is included in the overall price, that doesn’t mean you still can’t dip into your pocket once or twice to show your appreciation. If you’ve got a limo driver that’s one in a million, reward them for helping you have an outstanding evening. By doing so, not only will you have a very happy limo driver, but you’ll also come off looking like the wild and wonderful big spender you’ve always wanted to be.

tv service in your limo

Satellite TV and Internet Access

Since the vast majority of today’s luxury limousines are equipped with satellite TV and internet access, the sky is the limit when it comes to entertainment. However, before signing on the dotted line, make sure the price you’ve paid includes you and your friends having unlimited access to these services. If your agreement does not include access to these services and you use them anyway, the bill for your evening could increase substantially, creating an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. Therefore, make sure you and your entourage can watch a big game or favorite movie while basking in the life of luxury.

Whether you’re enjoying a birthday bash, a ride to a sold-out concert, or an all-day tour of various craft breweries, making sure the best San Diego limo service provider offers prices you’ve agreed to include everything you expect can ensure your limo ride will go exactly as planned. By taking care of the details beforehand, there’s no doubt you’ll be ready to paint the town red when your limo pulls up at your home. And remember, just as it is with a trip to Vegas, whatever happens in the limo stays in the limo.

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5 Iconic Movie Limo Scenes You Should Perform When Hiring a Limousine

When you find yourself in a limousine, there’s no doubt that once or twice you might find yourself feeling like a movie star. After all, when you’re cruising through town in a shiny stretch limo or a luxury SUV limo, plenty of eyes will be watching you. Therefore, if people think there may be a movie star in the limo they’re watching, it’s only natural that you should act like a movie star while enjoying the creature comforts of your ride. One of the best ways to do so is by performing several of the most iconic limo scenes from famous movies, such as Pretty Woman or The Big Lebowski. Not only will this spice up your ride, but it’s bound to attract plenty of attention. So if you’ve rented an affordable San Diego limo for the day and want to make your ride one to remember, here are five of the most memorable limo scenes in movie history you should attempt to reenact.

San Diego limo services

The Big Lebowski Limo Scene

If you’re a fan of this movie, you know Jeff Bridges gave a memorable performance scene after scene. However, none was perhaps more impressive than the limo scene, where despite being pushed into the back of a limo with a White Russian beverage in his hand, he managed to balance the glass and never spill a single drop. While it may take some practice on your part, chances are you could learn the delicate art of beverage balancing while on your limo ride. Once you’ve got your San Diego limousine for the day, see if you and your friends can join The Dude as an expert beverage balancer.

limousines in San Diego

Tom Hanks Limo Scene in Big

For Tom Hanks fans, Big was one of his early masterpieces. While many people always refer to the piano scene at FAO Schwartz, others love the limo scene with him sticking his head out of the sunroof, with the song Hot in the City playing in the background. If you’d like to be big yourself while on your limo ride, reenact this classic movie scene. After all, when you’re enjoying your San Diego limo services while recreating this great scene, people might just mistake you for Mr. Hanks. If this happens, you really will be hot in the city.

top limo in San Diego

Pretty Woman Limo Scene

One of the all-time favorite movies of our generation, this classic starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts offered a fantastic limo scene that could easily be recreated for a special date night or even a marriage proposal. If you’d like to give it a try, rent a white San Diego limousine from one of the many San Diego limo services available in the city, buy a dozen red roses, and pull up in front of your sweetheart’s home. When she comes to the door or the window, open up the sunroof and start professing your love to her. If she’s a fan of Pretty Woman, she’ll know exactly what you’re doing and love you even more for your romance and creativity.

best limousines in San Diego

The Secret of My Success Limo Scene

For fans of Michael J.Fox, this movie was one of his best. Playing a mailroom worker posing as an executive, he falls for coworker Christy Wills and is asked to drive her home in the company limo. However, the ride quickly turns into a seductive game of cat and mouse between the two, along with a hilarious battle for control of the door locks. If you’re a fan of this movie and want to make your affordable San Diego limo ride one to remember, grab your significant other and recreate this scene. Not only will this give your limo ride plenty of excitement, but it will also let you release your inner Michael J.Fox, which you know has been dying to get out.

top limo service

Dumb and Dumber Limo Scene

If you’ve got a friend who’s in the market for a great road trip in a San Diego limousine, rent an affordable San Diego limo and perform the classic limo scene from Dumb and Dumber. While the two of you can argue over who gets to play the roles of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, there’s no doubt recreating the classic road trip will add up to plenty of laughs along the way. To make it even more authentic, bring along a suitcase, stop and ask a pedestrian for directions, and maybe even become smitten with a woman at an airport. If you do all this and more, your limo ride will create memories the two of you will laugh about for decades.

No matter which of these classic scenes you choose to perform while renting San Diego limo services, chances are you’ll have more fun than you ever thought possible. Whether you’re with your favorite buddies or your special lady, these limo rides will become classic moments in your life.

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How Limo Services Help You Cope With the Chargers’ Move to Los Angeles

If you’ve been a big football fan in San Diego, it’s been tough since the Chargers announced they were leaving San Diego behind in favor of Los Angeles. However, while it may seem as if all is lost, the good news is that there are still plenty of fun ways to spend your time under that beautiful Southern California sun. Whether it’s attending another sporting event, heading to a concert, sampling some great craft brews, or just riding around the city styling and profiling in a San Diego limousine, there’s no doubt you can still have plenty of fun using San Diego limo services.

limo to padres game

Attending a Padres Game

Just because the NFL is leaving town doesn’t mean San Diego sports fans can’t have plenty of fun. If you decide to use limos in San Diego to get your pro sports fix, then grab your baseball glove and attend a Padres game with your family and friends. Not only will you be able to arrive at the game in style, but you’ll also be able to soak up plenty of SoCal sun and maybe catch a foul ball or even a home run ball. And who knows, after the Cubs finally won the World Series, maybe 2017 will be the year of the Padres.

limo service in San Diego

Tour Craft Breweries

If you want to spend a day sampling some of San Diego’s best craft beers, rent a San Diego limousine, grab some of your friends, and get your taste buds ready for some fantastic craft beer. Not only is it a wonderful way to relax, but you’ll also find yourself discovering just what makes craft beers great. Whether you’re having a four-ounce taster or a 16-ounce pint, you and your friends will have a day to remember. And to make your experience even better, you can sample some great delicacies from a food truck to top off the experience.

limo in San Diego

Downtown Flirting

When you’re choosing limos in San Diego, remember that riding around in a white Hummer limo, a stretch limo, or even a luxury limo bus can be a great way to do some flirting with the opposite sex. By putting on your fanciest outfit, donning a pair of sunglasses, assembling your entourage, and cranking up the stereo inside the limo, you’re sure to attract plenty of attention from everyone you pass. By doing all this and making sure your flirting skills are in great shape, chances are you’ll be able to meet plenty of new people and hopefully make a love connection along the way.

San Diego limousines

Attend a Concert

If you really want to attract plenty of attention, find the best San Diego limo services you can and attend a concert featuring the latest and greatest musical acts. But remember, if you show up at the concert in a stunning stretch limo with music blaring from your favorite group, you might be mistaken for the main act and get swamped with autograph requests. If this happens, just play it cool, roll down your window, and start signing some autographs for your adoring fans. And don’t worry, since you’ll be looking so cool in your San Diego limousine, there’s a good chance nobody will ever figure out you’re not the celebrity they were expecting.

Affordable limo service

San Diego Casinos

While Las Vegas may be known for its numerous casinos, San Diego also has its share of great places to gamble the night away. So if you’re eager to spin the roulette wheel or toss some dice, rent a fancy limo, put on a tux, and walk into the casino like you own the place. But remember, while you’ll have plenty of fun at the casino itself, the ride to the casino will be even better. Great music, plenty of champagne and other drinks, luxurious seating, and other accommodations will all add up to an experience unlike any other.

limo services in San Diego

A Special Dinner

If you’ve got a significant other with whom you’re celebrating a special occasion, renting limos in San Diego is the perfect way to arrive at a five-star restaurant or other destination for an evening of fun and romance. Just imagine the looks both of you will get when your limo pulls up to the curb and the two of you step out, looking every bit the part of a celebrity. Guaranteed to get you the VIP treatment you deserve, San Diego limo services can make a special dinner a night to remember.

Whether you’re spending the day tasting great craft brews with friends or enjoying a special night out with your spouse, riding around San Diego in a luxurious limousine will create memories that will last a lifetime. So while you may still be reeling from the Chargers leaving for Los Angeles, riding around in a stretch limo or luxury Hummer will certainly ease your pain.

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Why Renting a Limo for Your Trip to Vegas is Better than Flying

Why When it’s time to take a trip, there’s no destination that gets people more excited than Las Vegas. With its casinos, concerts, and endless variety of entertainment options, it’s easy to see why what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However, while many people choose to head to the airport and grab the first flight they can book, others who know how to really have a good time choose to rent a limo. For residents of San Diego who find themselves planning a trip to Vegas, renting a San Diego limousine is the only way to go.

san diego limo services

Avoiding Airport Hassles

As anyone who flies on a regular basis knows, going to the airport can present a number of hassles. Whether it’s checking in hours ahead of your flight, waiting in line to go through security, sitting beside a screaming child or someone who’s sneezing and sniffling during the flight, or finding out once you land that your bags are nowhere to be found, it’s one hassle after another. Because of these reasons, using San Diego limo services can ensure you and your friends won’t be dealing with these headaches. Instead, you can book a limo rental in San Diego and know you’ll have nothing but a good time all the way to Vegas.

Affordable San Diego limo services for craft beer tours.

Party, Party, Party

When you rent a San Diego limousine, one thing you’ll be able to do all the way to Vegas is party, party, party. Therefore, you can get your friends together, grab a few drinks, kick back, and have the time of your life while someone else does the driving. And remember, on the way to Vegas you can stop off at some of the top nightclubs, where the whole group can get their groove on while dancing the night away.

party in a limo

Quality Time With Friends

One of the best reasons to use a limo rental in San Diego is to spend quality time with your friends. Whether you head to a concert, sporting event, or to a five-star restaurant for a great dinner, pulling up in a shiny black limo or stretch SUV limo will make the occasion even more special. And since all of you are bound to have a smartphone with you, you’ll be able to have plenty of pictures to look back on later and laugh about all the fun you had that evening.

affordable limos in San Diego

Cheaper Than a Flight

If you’ve bought an airline ticket recently, you’re well aware of just how expensive flying can be in today’s world. Rather than waste your money and time on a flight you won’t enjoy, save your money and instead hire San Diego limo services to take you and your friends to Las Vegas. And once you arrive in Vegas, you can take the money saved on plane tickets and head for the blackjack table, where hopefully you’ll end the evening having more money in your pocket that when you started. By having each friend chip in for the limo rental, everyone will have plenty of dollars left over to spend on casinos, concerts, great food, and other fun activities.

San Diego limo company

Live the Swag Life

Perhaps best of all, arriving in Vegas in a fancy stretch limo will make you look and feel like a celebrity. With your friends acting as your entourage, you can pull up to the fanciest casinos or arenas and be assured of turning plenty of heads. If you’ve always dreamed of living the swag life, this is the perfect way to do so. Whether you’ve got on your best tuxedo or a dark pair of glasses to keep from being recognized, there’s no doubt you’ll be the toast of the town once you exit your limo. And to top off your evening, maybe you’ll even be asked to sign an autograph or two. If this happens, just smile, grab the pen and paper, sign your name, and climb back into your limo, where you’ll be off to the next great destination for the evening.

limo bachelor party

A Mobile Bachelor Party

If you’re getting ready to tie the knot and want to have a bachelor or bachelorette party you’ll always remember, be sure to use San Diego limo services for a night you and your friends won’t forget anytime soon. Since you’ll have a professional driver at the wheel, you can simply kick back and enjoy the ride. Whether you decide to spend the night visiting one trendy club after another, enjoying a concert featuring the latest hot singer or band, or simply riding around Vegas taking in the lights and sights of the city, this mobile party on wheels will keep you and your friends having one thrilling moment after another. When you hire a San Diego limousine for this or any other occasion, whatever happens in Vegas will definitely need to stay there.


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5 Awesome Bachelorette Activities to do in San Diego

While a woman’s wedding day is undoubtedly special, so too is the time spent with her bridesmaids during the bachelorette party. Needless to say, the party gives the bride and her best girlfriends the chance to get together, cut loose, and have plenty of fun that will create a lifetime of memories. However, many bridesmaids have difficulty deciding on which activities to choose. If you and your friends are planning bachelorette activities for the bride-to-be but aren’t sure which ones are best, here are some ideas that are sure to be awesome.


 Take a Limo Around San Diego

If you want to have a great time as a group, consider taking a limo tour of San Diego. Whether it’s a black stretch limo, a Hummer stretch limo, or a party bus filled with plenty of adult beverages, San Diego limo companies guarantee when you hire a limo in San Diego you’ll have the time of your life. For starters, you can take a trip to the Cabrillo National Monument, where you can admire beautiful blue waters with Mexico in the background. Afterwards, you can simply sit back and enjoy the ride, letting San Diego limo services take you to such places as Balboa Park, Mt. Solidad, Coronado, Mt. Helix, and many others. Often using drivers who have lived in San Diego all their lives, San Diego limo companies provide an experience unlike any other. When you want to hire a limo in San Diego, going with San Diego limo services that have experienced and knowledgeable drivers can make this bachelorette activity one to remember.

San Diego limo service for beer tours

Craft Beer Tour

As craft beer continues to become more and more popular across the country, bridesmaids are starting to include a craft beer tour as part of their bachelorette party activities. With more than 100 craft breweries in San Diego County, you’ll be sure to find plenty of award-winning brews to sample. For an even more personal touch, your group can be treated to private tours of certain breweries, and even have the chance to participate in helping to make some of the best brews in San Diego.

bachelorette limo service in san diego

Relax at a Spa

Since everyone knows organizing a wedding can be very stressful, it’s a good idea for the bridesmaids and bride to spend a day at a spa, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Whether it’s having a relaxing massage, getting a manicure and pedicure, or simply spending the day poolside, visiting a spa can be just what everyone needs before the big day. For many bachelorette groups, a visit to the spa Massage Extraordinaire has proven to be very popular. Catering particularly to brides-to-be, this spa’s reputation for excellence is second-to-none.


Visit the Zoo

If the bride is an animal lover, spending the day at the world-famous San Diego Zoo can be a fun and relaxing place to spend some time with her friends. Home to some of the world’s most exotic animals, everyone in the party can get their pictures taken with various animals, which is sure to result in plenty of hilarious pictures. While there will be plenty of animals to get up close and personal with, perhaps none are more popular than the pandas. While these furry friends are always acting as if they don’t have a care in the world, they’ll be the perfect animals to observe in an effort to calm pre-wedding nerves.


Plan a Zumba Party

Needless to say, the bride and her bridesmaids will have plenty of nervous energy that needs to be burned off prior to the wedding. To make sure that energy gets burned off in a productive manner, consider planning a Zumba party for everyone. Along with offering plenty of exercise, this popular form of dancing is a way to get everyone up and moving, all the while laughing as well. While you can plan a Zumba party yourself, if you want one that will be a truly fantastic experience, consider heading to Boutique Fitness. One of the most popular fitness spots in San Diego, it’s widely considered to be the best spot in Southern California to get your groove on while doing Zumba.

While San Diego is known for its beautiful weather and seemingly endless array of fun activities, it’s certain that including these activities as part of your bachelorette plans will lead to plenty of fun and relaxation. Whether you decide to get some relaxation advice from the pandas at the San Diego Zoo, sample some of the best craft beers in the United States, or get plenty of pampering at a local spa, a bride and her bridesmaids are sure to find plenty of ways to relax in San Diego. And long after the wedding is over, everyone can look back on these fun times and enjoy plenty of laughs together.


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6 Posh Ways to Impress a Woman on an All-Day San Diego Date

When impressing a woman, guys will do anything to look like Prince Charming. However, when it’s an all-day date, many guys may crumble under the pressure when deciding how many activities they can fit in during that time. But for guys in San Diego, the good news is there are plenty of possibilities for impressing that special lady in your life in ways she may never have thought possible. To ensure your all-day San Diego date starts off great and ends even better, here are six posh ways you’ll be able to show your lady how much you think of her.

San Diego limo service

Use a San Diego Limo Service

If there is one thing that is virtually guaranteed to catch the attention of your lady, it’s pulling up to her home styling and profiling in a big, shiny limousine. Fortunately in San Diego, there is an abundance of affordable limo service that virtually any guy who wants to impress a lady can afford. Along with making her feel like a princess, riding around in a limo lets her experience luxury at its finest. And if there is one thing that is a sure thing, it’s that limos in San Diego are perhaps the most luxurious ones found anywhere. Whether it’s a stretch limo, a luxury SUV limo, or a custom-designed limo that’s one-of-a-kind, using a San Diego limo service will guarantee guys will have plenty of affordable limo service options from which to choose. So if you are Prince Charming and looking for limos in San Diego that will impress your Cinderella, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

take a San Diego limo for your date

Shall We Go to the Theater, Opera, or Symphony?

Once you’ve picked out your limo for the day, it’s time to head off for a bit of culture. To truly impress a lady, taking in a symphony concert, opera, or play at a theater will help you show off your interest in culture as well as your sensitive side. So while she puts on her best dress, dust off your tuxedo and show her a side of yourself she never knew existed. By doing so, you’ll be well on your way to creating a special day that both of you will always remember.

San Diego limo services are great for date night

Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant

At some point during your all-day date, both of you are bound to get hungry. However, rather than have the limo swing by the drive-thru at Mickey D’s for a Big Mac, it might be a better idea to take your princess to a five-star restaurant in San Diego. If you’re looking for great options, two of the best choices you can make are Mister A’s and Addison. If you head to Mister A’s, you’ll find yourself on a 12th-floor balcony overlooking the city, creating a wonderful romantic moment. Or if you decide to have dinner at Addison, you’ll be treated to an experience unlike any other. Exquisite meals, along with an intimate atmosphere, come together to make it a truly special evening.

limo in San Diego

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

While riding around in your limo, surprise her by suddenly having the driver pull into the parking lot of a fine jewelry store. Once there, surprise her with a set of beautiful earrings. In addition, be sure to have your budget planned out beforehand so you’ll know how much you can spend. Otherwise, you might make her feel a bit awkward when she’s looking around. Once you’ve both taken a tour of the store and she’s picked out what she likes best, pull out the cash and make her day even more special.

Take a limo to sample tequila

Sample a Fine Tequila

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your all-day date, try sampling the best tequila San Diego has to offer at El Agave restaurant. With more than 2000 varieties from which to choose, it’s sure to be a unique way to liven up the day. If you really want to impress her, make sure both of you try El Agave’s award-winning Tequila Agave Artesanal.

Tale a limo to your hang gliding adventure.

A Hang-Gliding Adventure

If the two of you have a bit of an adventurous streak, take the plunge and try a romantic and thrilling hang-gliding ride over La Jolla courtesy of the Torrey Pines Glider port. With tandem hang-gliding flights offered daily, it’s the perfect way to get up close and personal while hundreds of feet in the air. And afterwards, you can grab a bite at the Cliffhanger Cafe while deciding which of you were more scared.

After going the extra mile to fit all these activities into one day, there’s little doubt you’ll have a lady who is very impressed with you. And if you play your cards just right, the all-day date will turn into an all-night adventure that each of you will never want to see come to an end.

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Why You Should Use San Diego Limo Services on Craft Beer Tours

San Diego limo service for beer tours

When it comes to U.S. cities that are famous for craft beer, perhaps none have a better reputation than San Diego, so why not visit them in a limo? Known as the “Craft Beer Capital of America,” the city is home to well over 100 breweries. As a result, many of its breweries, including Ballast Point Brewing Company and Stone Brewing Company, consistently rank among the best breweries worldwide. A great draw for tourists, San Diego hosts a number of beer festivals annually, such as the San Diego International Beer Competition and San Diego Beer Week. For those who want to take full advantage of these events or simply spend a weekend sampling the fare at as many breweries as possible, getting together with some friends and taking a limo from one location to another can be a memorable experience and a great way to sample some beer. In fact, many of the city’s breweries are located in close proximity to one another, making a limo tour easier than ever. If you’ve got your taste buds set for some great suds, here are some reasons why using San Diego limo services will make the adventure both convenient and fun.

The Best Breweries

When you use San Diego limo rentals to visit local breweries, the good news is that you’ll have plenty of places from which to choose. If you’re in the North County area of San Diego, you’ll definitely have to pay a visit to Pizza Port Brewing. Having won dozens of medals in international beer competitions, it’s known for its wide variety of specialty brews as well as extremely friendly customer service. And after you’re finished at Pizza Port, you can hop back into your limo and head off to other nearby breweries such as Belching Beaver, Iron Fist, and Aztec Brewing. However, if you’re in other parts of San Diego, don’t worry about being left out of the fun. In fact, there are numerous world-class breweries in the downtown area, east of downtown, and in Mirimar. East of downtown you can use limousines in San Diego to stop at Mike Hess Brewing, Rip Current Brewing, North Park Brewing, and plenty of others. And when you decide to go downtown to quench your thirst, take a few minutes to say hello to the folks at Half Door Brewing. One of the most popular destinations for craft beer tourists who visit San Diego, Half Door promises great beer and a one-of-a-kind experience. And finally, Mirimar is home to Ballast Point Brewing, which opened in 1996 and has been named a World Champion Small Brewery.

San Diego Limo Service

Why Use a San Diego Limo Service for Beer Tasting?

When you and your friends use San Diego limo services to visit the city’s many breweries, there are a variety of reasons why you’ll have the time of your life. For starters, since you’ll already have a professional chauffeur driving you around the city, nobody in your group will have to worry about being the designated driver. Because of this, everyone in the limo will be able to drink beer from the growler while on the road.

Don’t Worry About the Crowds

Needless to say, with the popularity of San Diego breweries, they tend to be places that can attract large crowds on a regular basis. However, by using San Diego limo rentals for these trips, you and your group won’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowd. Instead, you can simply pull up to the brewery, pick out the beer you want, and then head back to the privacy of your limo to enjoy your drinks. And as with most limos, while you’re sipping on the latest and greatest craft brew, you can watch a movie or listen to some great songs to make the time spent together even more exciting.

Most affordable San Diego limo services.

Look Like a VIP in a San Diego Limousine

If you really want to get everyone’s attention, rent one of the fanciest limousines in San Diego and arrive in style. When you do, it’s guaranteed everyone’s heads will turn as they wonder who will emerge from the limo. To make this experience even more fun, put on your best outfit, slip on some dark glasses, and exit the limo with your entourage. If you’re lucky, maybe the paparazzi will be there to snap some pictures of you sipping your favorite beer, which just might put you on the front page of the gossip column the next day.

Affordable San Diego limo services for craft beer tours.

An Experience Unlike Any Other

With so many breweries from which to choose, San Diego craft beer lovers can literally take their pick of some of the greatest beer in the world. Whether you’re taking a weekend tour of various breweries, attending San Diego Beer Week, or getting together with family and friends for the San Diego International Beer Festival, using San Diego limo services can turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one.


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Six Awesome Benefits to Taking a Limousine to a Chargers Game

As another NFL season gets started, fans agree there’s nothing better than heading to a Chargers game in San Diego. Whether they’re playing the Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, or any of the league’s other teams, a Chargers game can be a true event for anyone. However, while most fans drive their own vehicles to the game, many are leaving their cars at home in favor of a fantastic limousine. If you’re planning on attending a Chargers game and want to make it a day to remember whether they win or lose, here are six awesome benefits to taking a limousine to a Chargers game.

Arriving in Style with a San Diego Limousine Service

San Diego limo services

Needless to say, when you arrive at your destination in a San Diego limousine, you’ll be arriving in style. Not only will your limo draw lots of attention, but if you play your cards right, people will assume you’re a celebrity. Just put on some sunglasses, get you an entourage to follow you around, and pretty soon you’ll be signing autographs for everyone you meet. If you crave attention and want to feel famous for a day, contact a San Diego limousine service and be the envy of Chargers fans everywhere.

Why Use a Taxi?

Rather than having to hail a taxi to get to and from the game, why not let a limousine service in San Diego make the ride much more comfortable? After all, when you’re riding in the back of a taxi, chances are you’re not getting free food and drinks, a color television, and leather seats that make the ride as comfortable as possible. And as anyone who has had to hail a taxi knows, it’s no easy task to get the attention of a driver when there are numerous other people vying for a ride as well. However, by using a San Diego limo service, you and your limo will probably be parking in the VIP section and heading to the front of the line.

So What If the Chargers Lose?

Consider taking a San Diego limousine to the Chargers game.

When you use a limousine service in San Diego, it really won’t matter to you whether the Chargers win or lose the game. Even if you leave the stadium disappointed about the loss, once you step back into the limo all your troubles will be left behind in the parking lot. By taking the long way home, your driver can stop at all the popular clubs and restaurants, letting you look like the VIP that you really are. So while you’re busy showing your latest moves on the dance floor, just tell yourself the Chargers will bounce back next week.

The Chicks Will Notice

A limo in San Diego attracts the chicks.

If you’re a guy who really wants to impress the ladies, use a San Diego limo service to rent a deluxe stretch limo and it’s guaranteed the chicks will notice in a hurry. And to make this day even better, by riding in style you’ll have plenty of room to accommodate plenty of your new female friends. In addition to impressing everyone with your cool demeanor and good taste, the chicks won’t be able to resist riding around in your limo, sending their friends one status update after another while being in awe about their incredible good luck.

A Romantic Ride

If you’ve got a special girl in your life who you want to impress, take her to the game in a San Diego limousine and it’s guaranteed to be a ride to remember. Whether you’re wanting to pop the question or just show off your romantic side now and then, having your special lady chauffeured to the game in a mile-long black stretch limo is sure to leave her speechless. Throw in a bottle of champagne, a few dozen red roses, and some of her favorite songs to listen to during the ride, and you’re sure to win her heart whether the Chargers win or lose. Come to think of it, if the Chargers lose she may need even more comforting, giving you yet another opportunity to show your softer side.

 Chillin’ With the Chargers

Take a limo to the Chargers game

If you’re smart about this, taking a limo to the game just might get you in tight with some of the Chargers players. By making sure your limo is parked near the locker room, when they exit to head home or board the bus back to their hotel, they are bound to notice you and want to say hello to the guy who’s waiting outside in the limo. A few selfies and autographs later, you may find yourself getting offered a chance to chill with the Chargers, which is an invitation nobody in San Diego turns down. And if you do get that lucky, it’s a sure bet a limousine service in San Diego will have a regular customer in you and a few of your closest friends.


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Chauffeur Services: A Unique History

Limousines have a history that is steeped in the tradition of a horse and carriage. With a driver up front and a separate compartment for passengers, a chauffeured vehicle offers the same elegance and luxurious service as a fine horse carriage from yesteryear. Contemporary limo designs create a plush environment that offers an enjoyable ride for corporate transportation and large groups. The current popularity of limo rentals means that anyone can enjoy a ride in one of these unique vehicles.

The History of Limousines

The first automotive limousine was developed in 1902, and like a horse-drawn carriage, the driver sat outside under a simple roof. The term to describe this vehicle comes from the French countryside of Limousin, also known for developing Limousin cattle. The reason for the name may be drawn from a type of French vehicle, a rain cloak worn by the limousine driver or in honor of the birthplace of Charles Jeantaud, an engineer who invented steering linkage and developed an electric car in 1881. Although the body of the vehicle was different during these historic years, the concept of traditional chauffeur service with a dedicated driver endures to this day.

Standardized Terminology

The Society of Automobile Engineers was founded in 1905 to standardize the trade of the quickly growing automobile industry. The exchange of ideas, establishment of technical terminology and engineering standards quickly made this organization – now known as SAE International – an authoritative voice in the industry. In 1916, the Society of Automobile Engineers defined the following terms:

• Limousine: A large car with interior seating for up to five passengers and a driver’s seat outside under a roof.
• Berline: A limousine with an indoor driver’s seat.
• Brougham: A limousine with an open-air driver’s seat and no roof.

Stretch Limousines

The first stretch limousine was developed in 1928 in the state of Arkansas by a company called Armbruster. The large size of these new vehicles held value in their ability to transport many people at once, and they were used as transportation for big bands and their leaders. With famous musicians such as Benny Goodman putting these automobiles in the spotlight, limousines quickly developed a reputation as a luxury vehicle, and officials, celebrities and dignitaries enjoyed the look, service and prestige of traveling in a limousine.

The Era of Luxurious Transportation

In the 1930s, limousines become popular as a part of many luxury hotels’ service amenities. Transportation to airports and comfortable accommodations for tours become a regular task for these large, opulent vehicles with room for many passengers. Hollywood movie productions also used limousines to transport cast and crew, and they become a symbol of high style in the glamorous days of film. As the same time, they were also used for funeral homes as a dignified option for families to travel to and from funerals and burials.

Limousines for Elected Officials

The President of the United States began regularly riding in an official limousine back in 1939, with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Sunshine Special.” This historic four-door Lincoln convertible limousine with space for 10 passengers remains on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. It is now common for Presidents to travel in elegant limousines, although they are armored for protection and are no longer designed as convertibles due to safety concerns.

Sophisticated Transportation

By the 1940s, large car manufacturers were producing stretch limousines, and limo service was the transportation of choice for celebrities, actors and musicians to red-carpet events. With a long wheelbase and space for jump seats, limousines could seat five or more people. By the 1970s, stretch limousines were an established fixture of famous, wealthy celebrities. With up to six doors and dedicated chauffeur service, they could seat even more people than ever before. The sophistication of traveling with a dedicated driver and a large, opulent car was a coveted goal for budding stars of the era.

High-End Features

In the 1980s and 1990s, new technology allowed limousine manufacturers to add new features that increased the luxury and elegance of limousines. Features such as televisions, music systems, custom woodwork, sunroofs, telephones, hot tubs, decorative lighting and liquor cabinets became part of the limousine transportation experience. Limousines increased in size to accommodate even more people, and the concept of limousines as a safe way to drink and party with a group was born.

Today’s Limo Service

Today’s limousines are still used to transport dignitaries and for luxury travel for group events. Rental of limousines is common, so they have become available for anyone to rent as transport for special occasions, such as weddings or other types of fancy social events. Today’s limousines can seat up to 20 passengers, and they include many unique amenities, plush seating and comfortable, efficient transportation. Limo rental for a wedding, celebratory party, special occasion or group tour is a time-honored tradition, and the sight of a limousine immediate conjures images of class, elegance and wealth.

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