San Diego Brewery Tours

If you are looking for something to do when visiting San Diego, or perhaps you are a local simply looking to get to know all San Diego has to offer when it comes to local beers, then a brewery tour should be first on your list. Below is a list of San Diego Local Breweries that offer a great variety of home city beers and what better way to enjoy this one of a kind tour than in a limo by Extreme Limousine. Our drivers will make sure you get the most out of your beer tasting extravaganza and most importantly, you can leave the driving to us.

Since 1896, the San Diego Brewing Company has been San Diego's choice for great tasting beer. Even though relocated from 32nd street in 1942 by the Navy, they continued to offer San Diego locals some great tasting beer from their new location.

Ballast Point Brewing Company, founded in 1996 is quite a unique brewing company. Their beers are strangle named after different types of fish due the the owners passion for fishing, and of course, beer.

Home of hand-forged ales that are anything but ordinary, the Ale Smith Brewing Company is just another one of San Diego's great reasons to take this tasteful Extreme Limousine Brewery Tour.

Proud member of the Beach to Brewery Beer Fest and Surfrider Foundation, the Karl Strauss Brewery Company has earned their spotlight in the San Diego Brewery community and has some of the most tasteful beers around.

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